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Peraasan (Grand Master) Murugesan:

Peraasan (Grand Master) Murugesan has been practicing Kalari Adimurai for more than 45 years.  He is one of the few last disciples of 'Patasaliamman Ganesan' Aasan who had grass roots (over 200 years) in deciphering this art. He has trained over 5000 students and made more than 500 Aasans (Masters) to spread this art.


Unlike many other Aasans in the field, Murugesan Aasan came forward to share his knowledge to the world and put an unprecedented effort to help us structure an international standard syllabus that can be transferred to people of all colors and age.  With his guidance we are taking the Kalari Adimurai to the world so that everyone can be benefited from the traditional martial arts.

Why do we need Kalari?

Kalari Adimurai includes a combination of Varma attacks, flexible movements and advanced forms of Yoga that helps to attain the body’s maximum strength, endurance and mental focus. In other words, it demands one's physical, emotional and intellectual potential. Kalari Adimurai is an intense martial art which nurtures one's awareness of the body, acute sense of alertness and martial movement.

Kalari Adimurai techniques have been carefully designed to nurture one's awareness of the body, acute sense of alertness and martial movement. It benefits people of all ages and gender. Adimurai concepts were developed from the verses of ‘Varma Suthram’ and ‘Varma Ponnoosi’, the scripts believed to have been written by Saint Agathiyar 3000 years ago. Kalari Adimurai is an ideal martial art that not only helps to build body strength but also teaches how to heal the body from injury, that makes this sport very special. In modern day, Kalari and Varma have immense potential in healing chronic injuries and diseases that result from inactiveness, inappropriate diet and mental stress.


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