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National Championship

25th February 2024

Types of Event

  • Chuvadu Championship

  • Silambam Championship

  • Vel Kambu Championship


2024 Competition Schedule


1st  Indian National Kalari and Silambam Championship

World Federation of Kalari is gearing up to conduct the 1ST Indian National Kalari and Silambam Championship, 25th February 2024 @ Coimbatore. 


Detailed event schedule and time will be shared once the entries are confirmed and finalized.


Each participant can register for two Chuvadu Event and one Silambam event and/or one Vel Kambu Event of their choice based on their skill level.

Rules of the Competition


  1. Participant entry will be confirmed against the payment of entry fee Rs.300/- per participant for 1 event (Chuvadu only or Silambam only).

  2. Rs.400/- for 2 events (Chuvadu Events & Silambam Event) and Rs.500/- for 3 events (Chuvadu Events, Silambam Event & Vel Kambu Event). 

  3. The last date of entry registration on portal / Via Google entry form will be on or before 15 FEB, 2024.


The competitions will be held for both boys and girls under six different age categories as given below.

  • 6-8

  • 8-10

  • 10-12

  • 12-14

  • 14-16

  • 16-18

  • 18-25

  • 25-35

  • 35+

  • 40+

  • 45+

  • 50+

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