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WFKA Competition 2021



WFKA-will conduct the

Nilai 1 World Championship

(Nilai Chuvadu, Pirivu Chuvadu & Guruvanakka Chuvadu) on

4th and 5th DEC 2021

Types of Event

  • Nilai Chuvadu Championship

  • Pirivu Chuvadu Championship

  • Guruvanakka Chuvadu Championship

Participate in 2 out of 3  Championships

Regulations for Competitions

  • The place of Competition will be your own place

  • Competitions are only virtual basis


The WFKA Mini World Inter Academy Tournament is one of the key milestones for the Kalari Adimurai practitioners. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Kalari Adimurai stars to make their breakthrough in International competitions. It also sets the stage for the elite athletes to demonstrate their talents, skill and to prove themselves as best competitors. This Kalari Adimurai tournament event will be held every year to encourage and motivate our Kalarians.

WFKA Event Department is pleased to provide the Event Manual in its website to all academies and athletes who are interested in participating in this prestigious event.

Schedule of Competitions

  • Once the fixtures were drawn it will be informed to the athletes

  • Participants and order of participants will determine the performances in each category

  • The Moderator of the Competition presents the referee`s board, then participants are called to perform according to the numbers they got at Sequence

  • If a participant does not come to the response during 2 minutes, the participant gets technical Loss

  • If there is a break longer than 15 minutes due to unanticipated circumstances and internet issues, participants are allowed to hold one more chance


The competitions will be held for both boys and girls under six different age categories as given below.

  • 8-10

  • 10-12

  • 12-14

  • 14-16

  • 16-18

  • 18-25

  • 25-35

  • 35+

  • 40+

  • 45+

  • 50+


 Standard of Place

  • Minimum 8 x 8 Feet

  • Camera should be landscape mode wider angle

  • Keep the Silambam stick nearby camera

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